Natural Language Processing as a SAAS Web Service

Date of last software update: May 22, 2014

Free trial use as a web service: you can use this free web service which should be sufficient to determine if KBSPortal meets your requirements. You may purcahse a source code license to run KBSPortal on your own servers.

Current linguistic database contains: 1830 company names, 5287 first names, 100427 last names, 80 honorifics, 945 place names, and 30 product names.

Current document categories that are recognized: news, news weather, news economy, news war, news politics, health, health exercise, health nutrition, religion, computers, computers_ai, computers_programming, chemistry, physics, mathematics, cooking, education, music, architecture, and history.

Now you can use artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities in your web applications by calling the KBSPortal web services.

Use KBSportal for:

Make your web applications even more awesome by using KBSPortal! You can call KBSPortal from web applications written in Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.

I have been working on text analytics since the early 1980s. While I have written KBSPortal for my own use, I also hope that you also find it useful for your projects.

Semantic analysis of text. Entity recognition. Language and vulgarity detection. Text summaraization. Sentiment analysis. Classity (tag) text.

Written by Mark Watson      KBSPortal is 100% Clojure code!

Need help incorporating KBSPortal into your web applications? Consulting help is available.

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