You can run KBSPortal on your own servers and embed it in your Ruby applications

The KBSportal system is delivered via email on purchase. When you pay via PayPal I am notified via email and I will send you a ZIP file containing the product.

Ruby source code and all data files ($200)

The home page of this KBSportal site is labeled with the date of the latest software update. If you have purchased KBSportal then updates are available for a small fee of $35.

Purchase: price is $200

I accept credit cards via the PayPal billing service via PayPal.

If your email address is on file as purchasing KBSPortal, get the latest version as an upgrade: price is $35

I accept credit cards via the PayPal billing service via PayPal.
Please make sure that you order upgrades using the same email with PayPal as you did for your original purchase!

Ruby source code

KBSPortal contains NLP code and linguistic data wrapped as a Sinatra web app. The individual NLP modules are in separate Ruby source files for reuse in your applications.

Copyright 2011-2016 by Mark Watson. The KBSportal software can be used as a free web service at or hosted on your server if you have purchased a source code license. Contact for purchasing the source code license of KBSportal.

Terms of purchase for all KBSPortal products

I make no attempt to copy protect the KBSportal products. You promise to not share any KBSportal code or data with any other person or organization. The KBSportal is sold 'as-is' and you take all responsibility for its use on your own servers and in your own applications.

Most purchasers of KBSportal use it as part of a web service (for internal use or as a public web service) and that is fine.

I am sometimes asked if some of the KBSportal software and linguistic data can be included in other commercial software systems. With special permission (check with me first!) I allow this under two extra conditions:

Please experiment with the demo page and by using the web services API before purchasing KBSportal to make sure that it meets your requirements. Once I ship you the source code there are no refunds.