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  List of Scots is an incomplete list of notable people from Scotland. Actors  Architects *Robert Adam (1728–1792) *William Adam Adam (1689–1748) Father of Robert and architect and builder *Robert Rowand Anderson (1834–1921) *Sir William Bruce Bruce (c.1630-1710) *Edward Calvert Calvert (c. 1847 – 1914) *Charles Cameron Cameron (1743–1812) *Colen Campbell (1676–1729) *Gordon Murray & Alan Dunlop Dunlop (1958-present) *James Leslie Findlay (1868–1952) *James Gibbs (1682-1754) *Ian Gordon Lindsay|Ian G Lindsay (1906–1966) *Robert Lorimer (1864–1929) *Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868–1928), architect, designer and husband of Margaret MacDonald (Artist) *Robert Matthew (1906–1975) *James Miller Miller (1860–1947) *Gordon Murray & Alan Dunlop Murray (1954-present) *James Playfair (1755–1794), father of William Henry *William Henry Playfair (1790–1857) *David Rhind (1808–1883) *James Robert Rhind, (1854–1918) *Basil Spence (1907–1976) *James Stirling Stirling (1926–1992) *Thomas S. Tait (1882–1954) *Alexander 'Greek' Thomson (1817–1875) *Frederick Thomas Pilkington (1832–1898) Artists *Cosmo Alexander (c. 1724 – 1772), noted portraitist in the United States name="Marquis *John Alexander (painter)|John Alexander ( -1733), painter and engraver *David Allan Allan (1744-1796), painter of historical subjects *John Amabile (born 1964), interior designer *Muirhead Bone (1876–1953), etcher *Mark Boyle (1934–2005) *Robert Brough (1872-1905), painter *John Byrne (Scottish Byrne (born 1940) *James Cadenhead (1858-1927), painter *George Paul Chalmers (1836-1878), painter *Robert Colquhoun (1914–1962) *Jack M. Ducker painter who specialized in highland landscapes *Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006), sculptor and installation artist *John Watson Gordon (1788-1864), painter *James Guthrie (artist)|James Guthrie (1859-1930), painter *George Heriot (1563-1624), goldsmith, and philanthropist *Peter Howson (born 1958) *John Kelso Hunter (1802-1873), self-taught portrait painter and author of two books *Hew Lorimer (1907–1993), sculptor and brother of architect Robert Lorimer *Margaret MacDonald MacDonald (1865–1933), wife of Charles Rennie Mackintosh *Robert MacBryde (1913–1966) *Dugald MacColl (1859–1948) *James Pittendreigh MacGillivray, sculptor (1856–1938) *David Mach (born 1956), sculptor and installation artist *William MacTaggart (1903-1981), landscape painter *R. R. McIan (1803-1856), painter *William McTaggart (1835-1910), landscape painter *William Miller Miller, engraver (1796–1882) *Alexander Nasmyth (1758–1840), landscape *Patrick Nasmyth (1787–1831), landscape son of Alexander *John Pettie (1839-1893), painter *Henry Raeburn (1756–1823), portrait *John Robertson Reid (1851-1926), painter *Alexander Runciman (1736-1785), painter of historical and mythological subjects *Archibald Skirving (1749-1819), portrait *Reverend John Thomson (1778–1840), landscape painter and minister of Duddingston Kirk *Jack Vettriano (born 1951) *Alison Watt (1965- ), painter *David Wilkie (artist)|David Wood (1962- ), contemporary abstract landscape painter Business *Arthur Anderson Anderson (1792–1868), co-founder of P&O *James Gordon Bennett, Sr. (1795–1872) founder and publisher of the "New York Herald" *Alexander Berry (1781–1873), town of Berry, New South Wales|Berry named after him, possibly first millionaire in Australia *David Dunbar Buick|David Buick (1854–1929) founded the Buick car company *Andrew Carnegie (1835–1919), steel magnate, major philanthropist *William Davidson Davidson (1740–1890) entrepreneur and founder of the first colony in New Brunswick, Canada *Dr. Henry Duncan Duncan (1774–1846) Church of Scotland Minister. Started the world's first savings bank in Ruthwell, Dumfries and Galloway *Sir Tom Farmer (born 1940), entrepreneur *Thomas Blake Glover (1838–1911) Nagasaki-based trader in 19th century Japan *Robert Gordon Gordon (1668–1731), founder of the Robert Gordon University *George Heriot (1563–1624), goldsmith and founder of George Heriot's School *Tom Hunter, entrepreneur and founder of Sports Division *Irvine Laidlaw (born 1943) Scotland's 6th richest man and founder of the modern conference company *John Law Law (1671–1729), advocate of paper money and founder of the Mississippi Company *Thomas Leishman, founder of United Breweries, India *Stewart Milne, founder of Stewart Milne Group and majority shareholder of Aberdeen FC *William Paterson Paterson (1658–1719), founder Bank of Scotland and Bank of England *George Watson Watson (1654–1723), first chief accountant of the Bank of Scotland, and founder of George Watson's College *William Walls (1819–1893), lawyer and industrialist, influenced the development of 19th century Glasgow Composers Robert Burns (1759–1796), Robert Carver (1913–1973), Erik Chisholm (1904–1965)  and Lindsay Davidson.